What is the FSC certificate?

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One of our certificates is the FSC certificate, which it is very likely that you have seen before somewhere else, but do you really know what it means? Today we solve all your doubts with this post. The FSC certificate or forest management council in Spanish is a forest certification system that began to be created in 1990 in California due to concern about the possible loss of forests due to misuse of wood. This certification of fibers for the production of fabrics in the textile sector has been one of the great steps towards achieving more sustainable fashion. It is the most reliable forest certification system in the world, which guarantees that the original forests are managed responsibly under strict forest management standards that promote environmental, social and economic benefits. It can also be applied to forest products used in the fashion or textile industry, as is our case. The FSC mark adds value to products by demonstrating our company's commitment to responsible sourcing. In this way, the FSC certificate voluntarily seeks to carry out evaluations of forestry companies or similar in order to achieve or promote an economically viable, socially beneficial and appropriate forest management from the environmental point of view for forests. In summary, this certification guarantees the consumer that all the products that contain the FSC certificate come from forests in which good practices are ensured when using them according to the minimum levels of good management.


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