Biodegradable compress intense flow

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Ecological disposable pads made with biodegradable bamboo fibers.

Day/night format for intense flow.

Super absorbent. Antibacterial and odourless.

For all types of flows.


Eco Boom's biodegradable bamboo fiber pads are completely antibacterial and odourless, and suitable for all types of flows. Their internal composition of bamboo fiber makes them extra soft and comfortable, as well as super absorbent.

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Our compresses are made with 100% biodegradable bamboo viscose, thus providing extra comfort and softness.

With back sheet made using a biodegradable PLA film sheet (bioplastic made from renewable resources).

Biodegradable individual container and craft box with FSC certificate, achieving an ecological global product.

Eco Boom compresses come individually bagged in boxes of 8 units.

Available in two formats: perfect day format for a regular flow and night format for a more intense flow.

Eco Boom biodegradable bamboo fiber pads are the best option for both the environment and your body, being made of bamboo they are totally biodegradable and ecological, they are super absorbent and soft so they respect your body to the maximum avoiding any type of irritation, allergy or infection.

With the FSC certificate, we guarantee that ECO BOOM products use sustainable materials and that they come from "controlled logging" forests, as well as Bamboo, which is the fastest growing plant, in addition to releasing 30% more oxygen than the rest of the plant.

trees and absorb 35% more carbon dioxide during their growth.

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